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On May 18, 2021 in Donetsk National Medical University future graduates took a licensed integrated exam «Step 2». To maintain a safe social distance, students were divided into two groups. The capacity of the audience was no more than 30 people.


The exam was conducted in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures to combat the spread of COVID-19. The official publication of the results of the exam is held by the Testing Center for 14 days by electronically informing universities.

As a reminder, last year's «Step 2» success rate for students of Donetsk National Medical University was 98.9%.


For arranging, monitoring, and executing all elements of the current «Step 2» Licensed Integrated Exam, we appreciate the employees of the Provost's Office, Dean's Office, COVID-19 Operations Staff, and student volunteers.

On the 8th of June, Kropyvnitsky conducted a medical quest "Battle of Nations" among the students of Donetsk National Medical University. Olga Chernyshova, vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work, Doctor of Medical Sciences Congratulated the participants of the competition during the opening ceremony.

The competition was attended by 5 teams - Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Egypt, India. The quest has gathered about a hundred participants.
The event is held for the second time among first-year students and has become an annual event. Students checked the knowledge of subjects that they studied during the year and how well they learned the city. At the end of each location, they received the photo of the next one and had to find it on their own.

There were nine locations in the center of the city where the students showed their knowledge of Latin, chemistry, anatomy, histology, medical physics, history of Ukraine, Ukrainian and English languages, medical biology, and also demonstrated their sports training. The jury counted the time that teams spent on the answers and their correctness. The results were recorded in protocols, which were then summarized.

The final task took place on the Cossack Island, where each country made its creative presentation, which was also judged by a faculty jury.

The victory and the Cup won the team "Pharaohs" from Egypt. All participants awarded diplomas for winning in various nominations. Te team from Uzbekistan became the "Heart of DNMU" and the best in the Ukrainian language, the Nigerian team received diplomas for the best team spirit and knowledge of Latin, the team of Ukraine "Sich" has become the fastest and best in the anatomy, the most talented team was "Incredible India".

On the 18th of May, the International Day of Museums was celebrated. To this day, the Museum of Local Lore of the city of Mariupol and its affiliated Museum of Art, museums of folk life and the Museum of History and Ethnography of the Greeks of the Azov region prepared special programs and events, opened a new exhibition "All-Ukrainian Cultural and Art Project" Picturesque Ukraine "and announced a free visit to all.

Students and the staff of DNMU Medical Faculty № 3 of the International Medical Faculty willingly took part in this event and greeted the museum staff with a professional holiday. Medical students started their excursion from the "Picturesque Ukraine" project at the Center for Contemporary Art and Culture, where the exhibitions of various artists of Ukraine were presented. After that, a walking tour of Heorhiivska Street was organized, where three museums are located.

The excursion made an unforgettable impression on the student. The students had the opportunity not only to learn about the life and work of the famous artist, but also to see original paintings by well-known Ukrainian artists and students. In the Museum of Folk Life students were able to feel the atmosphere of the XVIII-XIX centuries. The exposition of the museum highlights the peculiarities of the everyday life of people of different nationalities: Ukrainians, Russians, Greeks, Jews, Germans who populated the territory of the Azov Sea. Students from the International Medical Faculty from India also talked about the culture and lifestyle of their country, found many similar and distinctive features.

On May 13.05.2021 students of Donetsk National Medical University took part in the second stage of the XVI Summer Universiade of Ukraine in Donetsk region in track and field athletics among students of higher education institutions of levels lll-lV of accreditation in the city of Kramatorsk. The competition was held at the stadium of Yubileyny park.


The team consisted of Gorbenko A.A. , A.P. Lisitskaya. , Moroz K.S. Tretiakov A.A. Sportsmen took an honorable 2nd place. We congratulate our track and field athletes, we are proud of them, we wish them new victories!

On the 6th June, students of the Donets National Medical University took part in a sporting celebration - the "Cup of Health of DNMU" -2018, which was held thanks to the assistance of the Youth Parliament of the Kirovograd region and the leadership of the University.
Future doctors have shown on their own example what a healthy lifestyle is.
Participation in competitions was taken by the teams of the first and second courses MF №2 and the team of the IMF team.
The first-year students of the Medical Faculty №2 "Dream team" won the victory.

Foreign students of DNMU visited excursions in winter Kropivnitsky  ❄️ ☃️

While studying the course of the history of Ukraine, foreign students of the International Medical Faculty of the DNMU attend not only lectures but also excursions in Kropivnitsky. One of such excursions was organized and conducted by the teacher of the Ukrainian history Anatoly Sustretiov.

Students visited the monuments to the city's liberators of the Second World War, walked through the Kovaliv Park, learned about Mark Kropyvnitsky and the history of the establishment of the Theater of the Corepheus, and saw the historic buildings on the central streets.

At the same time, students who came from warm countries felt the charm of Ukrainian winter, they made snowmen and played snowballs.
As a memento of this winter day, students have many photos and pleasant impressions ? ?

On May 15, 2021, students of Donetsk National Medical University at the invitation of the NGO "Perspective Donbass" took part in the festival, which was held in Bernadsky Garden in Kramatorsk. The event was organized on the occasion of the opening of the «Tato Hub» Responsible Fatherhood space.


Among many locations, three were presented by DNMU students: "Stop Diabetes", "pre-medical help", and "Clean Teeth". Everyone had the opportunity to be tested for blood sugar. It was also possible to get acquainted with the different ways of providing first aid. The kids had a lot of fun learning how to clean their teeth. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness of medicine in general as well as the prevention of various diseases, especially diabetes.

Donetsk National Medical University continues to expand the borders of international cooperation.
On the 4th of June, the Embassy of Italy in Ukraine hosted a meeting of the Vice-Rector of DNMU on scientific and pedagogical work, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Chernyshova Olga Yevhenivna with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Italian Republic in Ukraine Davide La Chechilia and Professor Cesare Begi of the Italian University "Universita 'Degli Studi dell'Insubria'.
During the meeting, questions about cooperation between universities, the possibility of students' exchange and traineeships were discussed.

Foreign students of the DNMU In Kropivnitsy visited an exhibition dedicated the centenary of the Ukrainian Revolution.
Foreign students from 39 countries of the world study at the Donetsk National Medical University. And each of them wants to study up on the country in which they live, its history and traditions.
The thematic events were held at all educational institutions of the regional center devoted to the Ukrainian Unity Day. DNMU Also joined the celebrations.
During an excursion to the regional Museum of local lore, organized by the teacher of history of Ukraine Anatoly Sustretitov, students of the international medical faculty met with the exhibition "100 Years of the Fight. Ukrainian Revolution 1917-1921."
Students from India, Egypt, Nigeria and Uganda learned about the stages of the struggle of the Ukrainian people for independence, one of which lasted a hundred years ago.

June 8, 2021 students of Donetsk National Medical University took part in an event for Children Protection Day, which was held in the park "Yubeleiny".

Several interesting locations were organized for visitors.

         Students of Donetsk National Medical University helped the organizers at each of the locations, teaching children how to properly and carefully brush their teeth, playing with them in exciting games. The kids were very happy.

During two days - on the 4th-5th of June, the meeting of the rector of the DNMU, Professor Peter Kondratenko with teachers and students was held at the second medical and international medical faculties.
During the meeting, Petro Gennadyevich discussed with the teachers a system of training, especially the training of future doctors.
In conversation with students of both faculties, he emphasized the high requirements for success. Students also learned about the university plans to set up a training center for the training of doctors. In the third year of studies, all the medical students who study in Ukraine will pass a single state examination. So, the head of DNMU said that preparations should start now.
For all questions regarding the educational process, the participants of the meeting received detailed answers.

 It honors the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect on 26 January 1950 replacing the Government of India Act (1935) as the governing document of India.

In Kropivnitsky, students of the DNMU joined the celebration of Victory Day over Nazism. During the years 1939-1945, the war affected every Ukrainian family: young boys and girls served in front lines and partisan formations to keep safe in Europe. That is why today we remember the feat of the older generations and the millions of human victims during the Nazi occupation.

         Between 50 and 85 million people died during World War II.

Traditionally, during May 8 and 9, students of the Second Medical Faculty of DNMU joined in celebrating Memorial and Reconciliation Day and the Day of Victory over Nazism in World War II.

Together with Anatoly Sustretov, a teacher at the department of language and humanities, the first-year students visited the memorial complex "Fortress ramparts" in Kropivnitskiy. Students of the Donetsk National Medical University also laid flowers at monuments located in «Malaya Vyska» and other locations in the regional center.

         At the memorial complex students recalled the stories of their families in World War II and the stages of Ukraine's liberation from the enemy.

Every year on the first day of the summer the International Children's Day is celebrated - a holiday of joy and hope. Usually, parents congratulate their children, but there are children who need attention even more so, those who are deprived of love and family care.
On the 1st of June, workers and students of DNMU of the Faculty of Medicine №3 and the International Medical Faculty visited the municipal institution "Mariupol children's home of mixed type" center of care "for children of pre-school and school age of the Mariupol city. On this day, the "center of care" celebrated the double holiday: Birthday (20th anniversary) and Children's Day. Children prepared an interesting and entertaining concert for the guests. Costumes were very bright and concert numbers were impressive. The guests seemed to have fallen into a magic fairy tale. Most of all, medical students liked the small exhibition-fair, which was prepared by the children of the center before the concert programs began. Everyone could buy sweet pastries, embroideries, home decorations and amulets.
In attendance, medical students came not empty-handed: they gave children toys and educational games to elevate their mood and reward them for their efforts and hospitality.

Students o DNMU visited the play "Marriage brokerage in Honcharivka".
International students learn the Ukrainian language not only at classes but also develop their practical skills and become acquainted with Ukrainian culture at the Kropyvnytskyi music and drama theatre.
Students liked it very much, almost every word was understandable. 
Such visits to the theatre will be practiced constantly as the students of all countries are interested in learning more about Ukrainian language and folklore.

Students and teachers of DNMU presented their location on Dvortsova Street during the celebration of the 264th anniversary of the city's founding. Many residents of the city visited the location.
Representatives of the university had an opportunity to communicate with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who was in Kropyvnytsky with a working visit.

On the 4th of June, the rector of Donetsk National Medical University, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Petro Kondratenko held a press conference at Kropivnitsky.
Peter Gennadyevich said that the requirements for success remain very high. There are students who are sent down even before "Krok 1" in the third year because not everyone has time to study the material qualitatively.
Next year, students who study at Kropivnitsky will complete their first exam - in pursuance of the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 334 from March 27, 2018. According to the document, there will be a single state qualification exam consisting of three parts. The first is "Krok 1" (consists of 9 major subjects taught in the first three courses), the second one is the International Examination on Medicine IFO, the third is an English exam. The last one the students will pass from 2020. For now, two more examinations are added to the students.
Also, Petro Gennadiyovych said that since January 1, 2018, all teachers' wages were increased by 50 percent. The next year, if the quality of student training is high, wages will increase by another 50 percent. Therefore, teachers at the university are interested in providing students with the appropriate level of knowledge. "We are all potential patients, and we are interested in coming to our student in the future and receive qualitative medical care", - said the rector of DNMU.
In addition, the rector shared information on the progress of negotiations with the regional and city authorities on the organization of clinical departments on the basis of regional medical institutions in the 2018-2019 academic year.

From 19 to 23 February 2018 in Kirovohrad Campus "week of the department" was held, organized by the department of the Human Anatomy №2.

Within the framework of cooperation and vocational guidance work with schools of Kirovograd region, pupils of T. Shevchenko gymnasium visited Donetsk National Medical University. For guests, a small excursion to the educational institution and anatomical museum was held. DNMU students were happy to communicate with pupils and answer their questions to prepare a school project on studying at a medical university and the life of foreigners in Ukraine.


On the 1st of June the rector of the Donetsk National Medical University, Professor Kondratenko Petro, met with Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Ukraine Abdulaliyev Alisher.

There are many international students from different countries of the world  ? Each of them brings an important part of their culture. This is how our students celebrated Day of Ghana  ?? at DNMU.

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