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Donetsk National Medical University awarded a silver prize on International Exhibition "Modern higher educational establishment-2018" and confirmed a reputation of one of the best medical university in Ukraine.

students from groups 114 and 117 international medical faculty visited a local zoo, which houses many animals: lions, tigers, bears, and monkeys, foxes, horses, llamas, cows, ostriches, peacocks, pigeons, and chickens. The excursion was unforgettable, students discovered another page of history and culture of Mariupol. They returned, full of new positive impressions and a desire to continue traveling through the Donetsk region, which became their home for years of studies.

Students of the International Medical Faculty of the DNMU presented their countries during the "Eurofest-2018"

Every year, since 2003, the Day of Europe is celebrated on the third Saturday of May in Ukraine.

On the 19th, in the Kovaliv Park, during the celebration of the Day of Europe in Ukraine, the festival "Eurofest 2018" was held. The park turned into a European town, there were creative workshops, information and game tents, and it was possible to take part in interesting games, quizzes, contests.

During the presentations of the Euroclubs of the region and national societies visitors could find out more about the European values, the global goals of the decade, the peculiarities of the history and culture of the countries of the European Union.

This year, "Eurofest" has expanded its scope thanks to the participation of foreign students from Donetsk National Medical University. At the invitation of the organizers, students from Uzbekistan, India, Egypt, and Morocco presented their countries, their culture, their own creativity and even the national dishes. All students dressed their national clothes and placed the flags, so the location of DNMU looked bright and interesting for the visitors.

At the Egyptian location, all visitors could see the pictures on the parchment of Ancient Egypt, see the image of the gods and pharaohs. At the same time, they could see how the Ukrainian names are written in Arabic and get acquainted with the country's religious traditions.

Students from India told young visitors about the history, the film industry and the art of painting henna - mehendi.

Uzbek students hospitably treated visitors with delicious pilaff and talked about the traditions and customs of their people.

Participation in the event was extremely interesting both for participants and for visitors - all had the opportunity to learn more about democracy, equal opportunities, and well-being - the values that every country should strive for.

Students of DNMU prepared concert performances dedicated the visit of the delegation of the Republic of India at Kropyvnitsky Donetsk National Medical University in the framework of a three-day official trip to Kropivnitsky. The delegation was headed by Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of India in Ukraine - Manoj Kumar Bhartti.
Mr. Ambassador met with Indian and Ukrainian traditions, conducted an excursion to the main building of the University, acquainted with anatomy and histology departments.

On the 9th of May Ukraine celebrates Memorial Day. Foreign Students of Donetsk National Medical University Attend monuments in Kropivnitsky and Mariupol.

Foreign students of the DNMU studying at the International Medical Faculty in Kropivnitsky and Mariupol, already know that no corner of our country escaped the war, which brought many sacrifices and destruction.

On the 18th of May, in the framework of the Week of the Department of General and Biological Chemistry number 2 at Donetsk National Medical University, the "Chemistry Way" Quest was held.
During the Week, the Department held a day of open lectures, days of open practical classes and presented posters on the topic of contemporary achievements in chemistry.
The students of the second medical and international medical faculty took part in the quest. Teams are divided according to the language of instruction.
Participants competed in five locations - "Guess", "Pantomime", where it was necessary to show chemical compounds and reactions by means of facial expressions and gestures, "Blitz-polls", "Puzzles" and "Balls". In the last competition, it was necessary to indicate correctly the name of the chemical compound and put it in the "toxic" box or vice versa.
At the end of the quest, students were congratulated by the assistant rector of the DNMU Alla Navolokina, dean of the second medical faculty Petro Sidorenko and associate professor of the department Olena Golodaeva. All participants received certificates of engagement and incentive prizes from the university.

On Easter Eve, students of DNMU found out more about Ukrainian traditions.
Students from all over the world learned how to make Easter eggs and ornaments for the Easter Basket on numerous workshops held in the city center. 
"The Easter holiday is also an opportunity to help others, so our students have joined charity events on the square - have contributed to help small hospital patients and built a playground for special children," says the teacher of history of Ukraine, the department of humanitarian disciplines №2 Anatoly Sustretov.

Students also tried festive baking and were able to buy souvenirs.

A representative of the publishing house Elsevier visited Donetsk National Medical University.
On the 16th of April, the university was given an access to the database of medical textbooks in the English language of this publisher. Michal Krupa visited us from Poland to familiarize teachers and students with the Elsevier's platforms.
Students were given the opportunity to use the most up-to-date textbooks.

On the 19th of May, the Day of Europe was celebrated in all cities of Ukraine. In Mariupol, this festival was held in Gurov park. It was a new format for the city. The park turned into a picturesque town where the EU countries represented their delicacies with traditional festive attributes, presenting contemporary street art, locations for various concerts, performances, workshop, walks of mimes in the form of living monuments, picnics locations.
Students of DNMU of the International Medical and Medical Faculty No. 3 also visited this festival, where everyone could find lovely activity. During the workshop from Yevhen Zlobin (winner of the popular culinary show "MasterChef-4"), students got acquainted with the culinary cultures of different countries of Europe. The most impressive was "Workshop of Cultures" - workshops from folk craftsmen (knitting, decoupage, plasticine painting, etc.). Students from the International Medical Faculty demonstrated their colorful national costumes and culture. This day made an unforgettable impression on medical students.

On the 13th of April, there was training on the evacuation in case of extraordinary events took place at the main building of the DNMU.

After an alarm was heard, students and teachers left the classrooms and quickly left the building.

The training was conducted with the purpose to teach the students how to react in case of threat or fire emergency, in addition, teachers and staff worked out organizational measures to protect the participants of the educational process.

Such training is planned on a scheduled basis, twice a year.

Students of DNMU conduct laboratory work on the basis of the regional cardio center

Students of Donetsk National Medical University of Groups 1,2 MS based on the Physiotherapy Department of Kirovograd Regional Cardiology Center conducted a series of laboratory works under the guidance of senior teachers of the Department of Medical Physics and Information Technology No. 2, Ph.D. Lyudmila Sukhovirska and Olga Lungol.

Laboratory work # 1
"Electrotherapy. Continuous current. Therapeutic application of direct (galvanic) current. Galvanization and medicinal electrophoresis »

Laboratory work № 2
"Variable pulsed sinusoidal electric current. Darsonvalization. Therapeutic application of darsonvalization »

Laboratory work № 3
"Ultra High-Frequency Therapy (UHF-therapy)"

Laboratory work No. 4

Students were prepared to perform laboratory work on the methodological instructions on discipline "Medical and Biological Physics".

The proposed methodological guidelines are compiled in accordance with the curriculum program "Medical and Biological Physics" for the preparation of 1201 "Medicine" on the basis of a typical program approved by the CEC of higher education of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated October 3, 2016.

In the guidelines, there are presented 5 laboratory works on the basis of the physiotherapeutic department of Kirovograd Regional Cardiology Dispensary. The descriptions of devices for carrying out of the corresponding procedures, their technical data, design features and principle of operation are specified, the procedure of preparation of machines for work and the procedure of carrying out of procedures are available.

The seminar "Modern Medicine: New Inventions, Diagnosis, Treatment of Diseases", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, was held in the assembly hall of Donetsk National Medical University.

Students and teachers of DNMU invited doctors to tell why it is necessary to choose medical universities.

There were reports, which brought interesting facts about medicine, prospects in the industry, the most common diseases in Ukraine and the region, psychological aspects in the treatment and diagnosis of diseases, bionic prosthesis and the latest nutrition techniques.

Students interested in biology and medicine were invited to the conference.

Assistant Rector DNMU Alla Navolokina opened the seminar and spoke about the structure of the university, opportunities for education, training facilities, scientific work, practice in hospitals, aesthetic education of students and difficulties that had to face through the transfer of higher education. However, now the university is actively developing, and according to the results of a set of students shows an impressive pace. The administration and teachers are interested in providing better medical education.

During the seminar, the head of the infectious department of the city hospital № 1 Irina Panchenko told about the prospects of the medical profession, and the head of the department of vascular surgery of the regional hospital, Alexander Scoromny, spoke about new methods of surgical interventions. Children's Infectious Disease Doctor - Vitaliy Pylypionok made a report on current infections, new methods of diagnosis.
Student of DNMU Rihab Abdel Lalil spoke about chimerism, Anastasiya Ishchenko prepared a report on interesting facts in medicine.

Sirozhiddin Zhumaev, a second-year student of the International Medical Faculty of the Donetsk National Medical University, won the silver medal at the international open-air tournament, which was held on April 14-15.

Sirozhiddin lifted a weight of 127.5 kg, setting his personal record.
A student is actively engaged in powerlifting and has already become a sports master.

Now Syrozhiddin plans to take part in the Ukrainian championship, which will be held in Kryvy Rih.

We congratulate our student and wish him more victories!

Yuri Taran and Vladislav Pavlish became one of the best at the All-Ukrainian Debate Tournament

Students of the second medical faculty of Donetsk National Medical University Yuri Taran and Vladislav Pavlish ranked fourth out of 28 possible at the All-Ukrainian debatable tournament organized on the basis of KPI.

On the first day of their stay in the capital, the participants of the tournament spoke with deputies from various factions and well-known public figures and journalists - Roman Scripin, deputy head of the Central Election Commission Andriy Mageroy, Michael Schur. Students listened to lectures and tips for a successful performance. There were also workshops on argumentation.

Students could apply their knowledge in practice during the qualifying round. Four of the best teams went to the next stage of the competition. Medical University was the first in this list.

In the first round, the teams "government" and "opposition" put forward their point of view on anti-corruption reform. Yuri and Vlad acted as opposition reformers and received 71.5 points out of a possible 72. During the second round, the topic of state funding of political parties was considered, and in the final, the government adopted the electoral code.
Gaining the fourth place according to the jury, the team has gotten the largest fan sector from different cities of Ukraine.

It is important to note that over the past five years, the DNMU became the first medical university to host the debut tournament. Second-year students are grateful for the help in preparation to the history teacher Anatoly Sustretov and tell that they have received enormous experience in Kyiv. Now they plan to organize a debate tournament at the medical faculty number 2, where they will discuss issues of medical subjects.

Students of the Donetsk National Medical University received diplomas of the 1 degree at the 72nd international scientific and practical conference of students and young scientists "Actual problems of modern medicine", which took place on the 11th-12th of May on the basis of the Samarkand State Medical Institute in Samarkand, Republic of Uzbekistan.
Khyzyi Bohdan and Kashchii Uliana won the first places in their sections. Congratulations!

The "Biological Boom" took place in Donetsk National Medical University

In Donetsk National Medical University, the Department of Medical Biology, Microbiology, Virology and Immunobiology №2 organized the Brain-Ring Biological Boom.

Three teams took part in the competition- the team of the medical faculty number 2, the team of the international medical faculty with Russian language training and the command of the MMF with English language training.

Responses of the participants were evaluated by a high jury consisting of Assistant Rector of DNMU Alla Navolokina, Head of International Department Irina Torbenko, Dean of Medical Faculty No. 2 Peter Sidorenko, acting director Dean of the International Medical Faculty Alexander Mukhin and assistant of the Department of Medical Biology N2 Natalia Ivanenko.

In the first round under the title "Visiting card", the participants presented their logo and motto to introduce themselves.
The second round was intended to choose the correct signature between the two images. Who made the right choice - got a ball.

In the contest "I Believe / Do not Believe", the following statements were made: "The discoverer of microorganisms was Louis Pasteur", "Animals belong to prokaryotes", "DNA molecule is constructed from nucleotides", "Ribosomes carry out the synthesis of protein molecules" - the team members had to say whether the correct assertion. At the same time, different questions were heard for each team.

Students had the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in the fourth round - by the images they called the name of the scientists or the names of microorganisms. For the correct answers, there were scores.

The final round was the Blitz-poll, during which students answered the questions: "Who founded microbiology as a science?", "What form does DNA of a bacterial cell have?", "What is the chemical nature of gelatin?" And others.

It should be said that the brain ring would not be so bright without musical compositions of Anastasia Novikova, Alevtina Storozhevskaya, and Amin Malek. Also, Indian students presented a bright dance.

Professor Leonidas Kusakas visited DNMU

Leonidas Kusakas, a professor of medical sciences in Greece, a representative of GeNeDis, the organizer of the 3rd World Congress "Genetics, Geriatrics, and Neurodegenerative Diseases Research", which will take place on the 25th-28th of October in Toronto visited Donetsk National Medical University.

The visit is devoted to cooperation, construction of a modern rehabilitation center and the organization of the international medical congress in 2020 on the basis of Donetsk National Medical University.

A separate point of negotiations is active cooperation with Greek medical universities, including student exchange.

Professor Kusakas conducted a lecture for students on the topic of education in Europe.

Civil protection Training took place at the Department of General and Biological Chemistry # 2 
During classes at DNMU building on Komarova Street, where the chemistry department # 2 is located, students and teachers worked out their actions in the event of emergencies, including fires.
During the classes, they checked the building's warning system, evacuated students, teachers, and staff, and examined the evacuation routes.
Students also learned how to use a fire extinguisher and immediately applied their knowledge in practice.

The Week of the Department of Medical Physics №2 began in DNMU

The Faculty of Donetsk National Medical University in Kropivnitsky started the Week of the Department of Medical Physics and Information Technology No. 2. Teachers have prepared for students interesting activities in the educational process related to the study of physics and computer science.

The week started with an open class on informatics on "Basic operations with spreadsheets, graphs and diagrams". The Week of the Department of Medical Physics №2 began in the DNMU

The Faculty of Donetsk National Medical University in Kropivnitsky started the Week of the Department of Medical Physics and Information Technology No. 2. Teachers have prepared for students interesting activities in the educational process related to the study of physics and computer science.

The week started with an open class on informatics on "Basic operations with spreadsheets, graphs and diagrams". The assistant of the department Olga Gaborets conducted classes with the students of the first year of the international medical faculty.

In modern medicine, it's hard to do without graphs and charts - it allows you to visualize information and graphically allocate it, so these skills will necessarily be needed by students in the future.

In the computer science classes, future physicians are learning to work with databases, a set of chemical formulas, and basic skills in creating websites. In addition, the ability to work with tables will simplify biostatistics and fill in other data.

After drawing up the diagrams, the students demonstrated the results of the work, and already on Tuesday, May 8, a quest for medical physics and computer science is waiting for students.conducted classes with the students of the first year of the international medical faculty.

Students of the MF №2 conducted career - guiding work during the festival dedicated to the Europe Day.

On the 19th of May, a festival for Europe Day took place in Kovalivsky Park in Kropyvnytskyi.

During the "Eurostar 2018", students and teachers had a great opportunity to introduce to children and young people the information about studying at a medical university - the faculties and subjects that should be studied at an undergraduate school.

Visitors of the location could get acquainted with printed materials and stands, which give a more detailed information about the specialties that can be mastered at the university.

Senior visitors could measure blood pressure.

Students of Donetsk National Medical University took an active part in Kropyvnytskyi Half Marathon 2018

On the 27th of May, students of the Donetsk National Medical University joined the massive festive event in the center of Ukraine - Kropyvnytskyi Half Marathon 2018 as volunteers of the regional Red Cross organization and participants of the race.

Student of the international medical faculty from Ghana Arthur Cliff Peprah not only successfully overcame the distance of 4.5 km, but passed the rivals, having taken the third place.

Congratulations Arthur to the "bronze" and wish you further victories!

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